Monthly Archive:: May 2015

Stone House Redesigned Sao Paolo Brazil

Stone House Redesigned Sao Paolo Brazil - If you are someone who likes to spend your weekend or your holiday at your villa, I think this design of the redesign old house will be very useful for

An Apartment In Good Lighting and Very Colorful Design

Apartment In Good Lighting and Very Colorful- White can always bring something special and elegant, as in this apartment is choosing white as basic color for interior design. Combined with other bright colors of green and yellow,

Natural Futuristic House in Spacious Room

Wooden house still be an idol for some designer and customers, they are trying to build a charming and natural futuristic house. There are so many wooden house on previous posts, but now I show a design

House Designed with Beautiful Courtyard

Designing a good house for the natural style is a good idea, to keep the harmonious with the nature and feel peace. And this house is one of amazing house designed with beautiful courtyard. A work of

Unique House Interior Design

This is unique house interior design located in Koga, Japan. This house interior designed for every people who wanted to have a more special and unusual house. This japanese house design has a very important feature, which