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Unique Bathtub Furniture For Bathroom Decoration

Unique Bathtub in your bathroom decoration will give you a comfort bathing right, but bath tub not only to having a bath. Another value of this furniture is to give some artistic decoration in bathroom. Condor Balneo,

Lovely Bathing with Italian Shoe Bathtub

For woman all around the world shoes is the important thing, add the beautiful looks and confidence, moreover the high heel women are love this very much, and what you think if the shoe comes as the

New Cabrits Bathtub by Victoria + Albert

Bathtub collection presented by the Victoria Albert is one of the bathroom furniture that is interesting, because it has a quite unique and beautiful forms. New Cabrits bathtub is designed with an appropriate size for the users,

Bathtub Resemble Small Boat Shaped by Rexa Design

The bathroom is a room that is used by someone to bathe and cleanse the body, sometimes people linger in the room it. Room is one of the most convenient leisure, and therefore the bathroom must be

Mosaic Flower Bathtub by Sweden Artis

Some people argue that the bathroom is one of the core room, why, it is because the bathroom is one room that is used every day, more correctly used to bathe and do other activities. therefore give