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Modern and Antiques Bedroom Interior Designs

As famous designer who has 25 years experiences for bedroom interior design, Barbara hawthorn established her nameshake firm, Barbara Hawthorn Interiors, in 1984. Barbara has taste of original design mix modern, comfortable furnishing, with fine art and

Double Beds Design – Bedroom Inspiration

Here is another bedroom inspiration for you, where this time going to double beds design. There are some design themes that can be taken as the idea for your room, it can be design for large space

Minimalist Bamboo Platform Bed – Furniture Inspiration

We know there are so many types and shape of bed that offer you the best. This one is about Minimalist bamboo platform bed which desighed in low, with a slight separation from the ground to give

Best Quality Bed Provides You A Quality Sleep With Adjustable Headboards

Designed to provide your quality sleep with comfort and stylish bed design, this bed also supports you to have a good room design by the fitures. designed by company named De Sede this low profile bed made

Vintage Furniture Represent The Organic Nature by Margaret Elman

New collection for your furniture it’s come from Margaret Elman, inspired by the nature, she makes a beautiful seating and bedding collection. By taking the design of french chairs combine with witty fabrics the furniture has calm