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Transforming Trendy Sofa for Every Room Designs and Every Situations

When you need to find an interesting furniture into your room, this convertible will be the answer. Designed by Spanish designers of Ebuala, the sofa can be transforms into some designs based on your need or situations.

Riva Patmos Sofa- A new Popular Function Sofa Bed

Sometimes we fall asleep in sofa, when we getting tired or maybe you are some one who like to do many activities on sofa? reading, watching, discussing and others. And sometimes that makes us need a sofa

Family Sofa For Six Nice collaboration Design and Function

This product is designed by Claus Molgaard (engineer) and Ole Jensen (designer) of a large collaboration in creating useful furniture. The couch is called “We Are Family” is designed to help you when you need extra bed,

Flexible Seat With Living Landscape Sofa 90 Degrees Twisting

This is another sofa in unique, movable, and modern design for your rooms. Having a large room to gathering with friends and family is not enough, when they have to see each other and when they have

Vintage Furniture Represent The Organic Nature by Margaret Elman

New collection for your furniture it’s come from Margaret Elman, inspired by the nature, she makes a beautiful seating and bedding collection. By taking the design of french chairs combine with witty fabrics the furniture has calm