House Designed with Beautiful Courtyard

Designing a good house for the natural style is a good idea, to keep the harmonious with the nature and feel peace. And this house is one of amazing house designed with beautiful courtyard. A work of Architects Eat finished this house in 18 months for the great creation. An Edwardian building in Australia renovated for the better nature house, the architects were very brillian with their idea to bring the outside feels into the inside and inside also can you get when it outside. It means that whenever you are, you always feel the nature atmosphere. Take a look on the pictures, where you can find natural elements are in used for the house. Even it used the glass walls, but the natural feels and looks is the strongest thing being there. Wooden and rocks are everywhere, is not only on the outside, the interior and the furniture are using that element too. But is not only for the elements are showing you a natural building but the house with “U” shape was built without disturb the roots of the trees under the ground. That’s really amazing work, right ? Sometimes we never care about that, for having a dream house you must cut it, actually right? With the natural elements, open spaces, and trees and rocks outside add by the grass make the house seems like in the middle of forest. The architects of this house designed with beautiful courtyard really know to make it feel alive with supporting big tree in the middle of the U shape, make the fresh air circulation and feel the brezee everytime.

Via : Architects Ea

Architects Eat

Bathroom Interior From Architects Eat

Blue Beautiful Interior

glass windows house

Interior House From Architects Eat

Natural Style House From Architects Eat

Outdoor Dinning Area

Terrace House From Architects Eat

the front porch