Natural Futuristic House in Spacious Room

Wooden house still be an idol for some designer and customers, they are trying to build a charming and natural futuristic house. There are so many wooden house on previous posts, but now I show a design of 3 homes in 1. Work of talented folks from Pb Elemental where the house located in Seattle’s South Park area, used the cedar wood combined with contemporary white and grey alumunium panels, and the result is very amazing. the house of natural futuristic, that is my opinion of this house, the interior design is simply modern, with no too much additional accessory. take a look on the simple floor, there is no board floor, ceramic or put some carpet to add the interior element, but on the balcony. This house looks very cool with that idea. While the outside look, you will find the simple natural house with wooden fence and small yard. Because this house designed for progresive lifestyle it has spacious room. I love the living room with high ceiling and big windows give comfort feeling, and this house covers 3,720 sqm. well are you interested in this natural futuristic house ?

Via : Pb Elemental

Bathroom by Pb Elemental Design

Bathroom Furniture by Pb Elemental Design

Bedroom Design by Pb Elemental Design

Contemporary Wooden House by Pb Elemental Design

Futuristic House Building Futuristic House by Pb Elemental design

Kitchen by Pb Elemental Design

Living Room by Pb Elemental Design

Living Room Model Viewed From Above

Outdoor Room of Futuristic House