Stone House Redesigned Sao Paolo Brazil

Stone House Redesigned Sao Paolo Brazil - If you are someone who likes to spend your weekend or your holiday at your villa, I think this design of the redesign old house will be very useful for you. The old house was redesigned by Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato, it is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil appears in a new beautiful house with minimalist touch. The box house is the dubbed of this house, stand strong above 1000m sea level next to two enormous rocks. Box house is veryu nique, I like the stone that show the natural house very connected to the sea. This house with a suspended box that acts as a bedroom and the street level with the living room, kitchen and bathroom, maximize every room beautifully. And it’s lovely inside the house to see the sea from your window, or terrace. Full of rocks inside makes you feel so fun, seems like in a cave with all of modern facilities. While at night, this house will appear more beautiful with the romantics light from the house and from the outside, the rocks show their masculine while in the dark. So if you wish to redesign your house or villa, get your inspiration now.

House Redesigned Via : Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato

a Stone House Building at Sao Paolo Brazil

Redesigned House at Sao Paolo Brazil

Sao Paolo Brazil House

Stairs Design at house at Sao Paolo Brazil

Stone House at Night Located in Sao Paolo Brazil

Stone House Interior

the Outside of the Bathroom at Sao Paolo Brazil

Window of House Located in Sao Paolo Brazil